St Michael’s Netball Club

Annual General Meeting

Committee Annual Report 2019


Our team numbers are about the same as 2018 with 6 NetSetGO teams, 6 junior teams and 6 senior teams. We still have a few junior age groups with no teams.

We were successful in obtaining a small grant from NSW Sport and Recreation which is to be used for umpire and coach education in 2019 and 2020. Our coaches were offered access to accreditation courses through NNSW as well as covering the costs for our umpires to access online learning opportunities.

Congratulations to all teams on their 2019 season. We had 5 teams play in semi- finals with 4 progressing to the grand final. Our 10C2, 13D2, 15C and Masters C (5) are participating in grand finals which is a fantastic achievement for our small club.

Thank you to all of our volunteer umpires, umpire mentors, coaches and managers who give so much of their time. Congratulations to those umpires who have achieved their first practical umpiring badge and to those who have moved to the next level of umpiring badges.

On-line registrations will not open until early in January 2020 and this will mean our grading of the junior teams will not occur until February.

Please consider joining our committee or perhaps volunteer as a coach or manager in 2020. Our club cannot function without a committee, umpires, coaches and managers and I thank all of our volunteers especially our 2019 committee who have worked tirelessly this year.  


I would like to say a big thank you to all our 2019 committee members for your time and effort put into our club to ensure that it runs smoothly. I would also like to thank all coaches, managers and umpires who dedicate their time to our teams.

Uniforms: This year there is not much to report as we had very little movement with club jackets, hoodies etc. We will have some items available at our presentation night for you to purchase in preparation for next years season.

Congratulations to all our teams on a fantastic season. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!


This year saw the return of most committee members from the 2018 season. This continuity allowed us to have everything in order for the start of the competition.

The addition of Kim Cassingena as our Events Coordinator has been pleasing and Kim has organised our team photos, the very successful sock fundraiser and is in the process of planning the Club’s annual presentation night.

As always our club would not run without the knowledge and commitment of Lynne Robertson and we are very grateful for all of our efforts.

I will be standing down from my position at this Annual General Meeting. I have been a member of the committee for 7 of the last 8 years and during that time have met many great people. I would encourage you to consider joining the committee as it really is a group of people who are easy to work with and committed to providing a fun environment for our kids to play netball.


Balance carried over from the last Annual General Meeting was a total of $12,666.33.

The figures below are for period 31.08.18 to 07.09.19

Total Income received this period is a total of $47,314.47

Total expenses paid this period is a total of $44,818.62

Please see attached expense sheet for expenditure break down.

Club account balance as of 7 September 2019 is $15,162.18 


This year we had a total of 156 players registered with 12 junior teams (106 players) and 6 senior teams (50 players). This is a slight increase on 2018 registration figures.

As 2019 netball season draws to a close. I would like to thank all players, coaches, managers, umpires, parents and everyone who has volunteered their time on a great 2019 season. A huge congratulations to all junior and senior teams this year and a special mention to those teams that made the finals. Awesome effort you have all done St Michael’s Netball Club extremely proud.

Registrations for next year - 2020 will open in the coming early January 2020. Registration will be the same format as this year by registering online and uploading players profiles. Be sure to register as early as possible to secure your spot in the club. You can find all the details regarding registration on SMNC website as well as our Facebook page, please follow and like us to keep update with important information.

I would like to thank the SMNC Committee for all their support. I would especially like to thank Lynne Robertson – President, for her help and tireless work she does for our club.

I hope to see you all again for another successful netball season in 2020.


On behalf of the club I would sincerely like to thank our coaches and managers who are all volunteers who give of their time and skills to help our players take the court each week. I know that you have all put in a lot of hard work and we truly value your commitment to our club. THANK YOU!

This season we had 4 new coaches join the ranks and 9 returning. The club supported us with a new online resource ‘Sportsplan’ to develop training and coaching plans, drills, skills and communication with other coaches. This provided a structured platform and mobile app for coaches to focus on areas and specific skills unique to their own players and team performance. Feedback to date has been that this has been an invaluable resource.

We again ran ‘Net Set Go’ as an after school program for 5 and 6 year olds at the end of last year. This program aims to introduce netball to young players in an interactive way, with a focus on skills and fun. Many of these participants went on to join our under 7’s teams this year and it was great to see them start off with some great skills (particularly passing and footwork) already under their belt. A big thank you to Anne Sayers for helping with the coaching and our experienced players Isabella Mannino, Emily Kos and Emily Sayers for volunteering to work with the younger players every week. Also to St Michael’s school for supporting the program with the use of their grounds. ‘Net Set Go’ will again be offered to 5 and 6 year olds this year, in term 4 after school at St Michael’s school.

A big congratulations to coaches and managers with teams who made the semis, finals and grand final. What a great achievement!

I would like to encourage anyone who would like to give coaching a go next season to think about volunteering. It is a wonderful experience and the club is committed to supporting coaches in many ways; with equipment, resources, a training day run by a professional coach early in the season and financial support to complete formal coaching accreditation courses (just to name a few).

A big thank you to our coaches and managers again. We hope to see you back next season.


Firstly I’d like to thank the other committee members from Michael’s netball club. Their outstanding commitment to this game of netball, the club, the umpires and players of this great game. As volunteers we do not necessarily have the time; we just have the heart.

All I can say is wow! Our umpires did so well this season. Charlotte Ryan was awarded a National C badge, Georgia Cowling was awarded a District Gold badge with both Kaitlin Giffney and Olivia Kelly achieving a District Green badge. We were also very fortunate that Monique O'Callaghan joined our club this year and Monique was awarded a National A badge. Congratulations to all umpires.

At the start of the year over 20 girls did their red awards in very different format and we thank Laurel Cunico for her expertise in presenting this course. A big shout out to the parents bringing out their daughters to umpire netball when they didn’t have a game, especially the Friday night umpires - Hannah Smith, Charlotte Ryan and Georgia Cowling.

A special mention to all the mentors who look after and mentor our girls due the season. It is a very important role and is greatly appreciated as it has improved their skills.


To help get teams underway for the 2019 season, each team was issued with a restocked SMNC branded kit bag containing a new match ball, training ball, training bibs, game-day patches, ball pump, squizzle (for the junior teams) and a basic first aid kit.

New Equipment Purchases

Using our credit at Rebel, we were able to purchase new match balls for all teams. New patches were issued to 2 teams. Two new sets of flat markers were also purchased for to use for training. They are located in the club house at Crestwood Courts.

Rebel Membership Rebate

A reminder to all club members to continue to use their SMNC membership card/number when they purchase personal items at Rebel stores – especially with Christmas fast approaching. A percentage of their purchase goes back to the club so we can purchase new equipment and new game balls for the following season. If you don’t have a SMNC membership card/number for Rebel and would like one, please contact me via email [email protected]

Restocking Of Kit Bags For 2020 Season

Sadly I will not be attending the end of season presentation night so I am requesting that all coaches keep their kit bags for next year. Can I ask that coaches wash both their training bibs and playing patches, and do a general clean out of their bags. Can you also stocktake the contents and let me know if anything is missing, broken or needs replacing. You should have a match ball, training ball, training bibs, game patches, ball pump, first aid kit and for the junior teams a squizzle.

I will ask that all coaches return their first aid kit on presentation night as we will be restocking the contents for next season. Please hand these to Katrina Griffiths (Registrar) to collect. We will also be purchasing new drink bottle holders for 2020 season.


This year saw the launch of our new website. SMNC now has a stronger visual presence in the online community and gives our members a more user friendly experience when locating information for the season.

New season registration information will be communicated via website, email and social media. This year we will also look to further communicate information about playing with our club to local primary schools and community places in the area.

Netsetgo for our 5 and 6 year olds will commence start of Term 4. Registration is open now and all information is on the website. Please consider sharing our website and Facebook page with family and friends.

Thank you to all the coaches, managers and club members who support events and share positive comments regarding our players. It is fantastic to see photos and celebrate our players achievements. Looking forward to a fantastic 2020 season. 


It has been a busy season but very rewarding.

The club photo evening went smoothly and run to time so a big thank you to all the teams that participated. We already have a date set for team photos for 2020! We wanted to organise a fundraiser that was a little different so we settled on Jolly Soles funky fruit socks. It was a great success raising nearly $1900 for the club. I appreciate all the work that team managers put in to distribute items and collecting money.

Looking forward to returning next year